• Our planet series: oceans and seas

    This autumn, I wanted to start a series of blog posts talking about our planet, how climate change effects it, and what we can do to help.

    This week we start with oceans and seas.

    Did you know that they cover three quarters of our planet? These three quarters regulate global temperatures, provide us with food and 70% of the oxygen that we breathe. However, at the moment they are in danger. Here are the main problems that oceans and seas face: 

  • Art inspiration series: Paul Cezanne

    Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses), Paul Cezanne,a. 1894-1905, Oil on canvas, The National Gallery, London, UK,
  • Recycling: why should you?

    Many people think that recycling does not bring much difference to the world and that individual affords cannot change much. I was one of them in the past. However, after I looked at the facts, I was able to see that no change is too small and we can all contribute towards the better future and the dream of circular economy. Read why you should start recycling today.