My favourite sustainable packaging for small businesses

In the past year I got many questions about brands that I use for my sustainable packaging. If you, like me in the beginning, do not know where to get yours in the UAE, or wherever in the world you are, I am going to save you some time with this list:



I absolutely love this company: apart from offering many essentials for the business, they also let you customise them with your own designs while keeping minimum order quantities low. Last year I also gave them an interview about forma by olya. 

Hero Packaging

Many of my customers complemented me on the beautiful compostable mailers in which the prints are arriving to their homes. I got them from Hero Packaging: they also offer compostable labels and tape. 

Better Packaging

Another wonderful company that creates beautiful products. When I started shipping worldwide, I realised that I needed to invest into thermal printer, and sustainable shipping labels. Apart from compostable shipping labels the company also offers gloves, stickers, tapes, envelopes and garments bags.


Also: all three companies are shipping worldwide, so you can easily order your supplies wherever in the world you are.

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